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Welcome! Itza is the digital learning platform loved by curious students and inspiring teachers around the world, in the classroom and beyond.


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Itza Seasons

Every season, we create engaging online Quests, Challenges and Competitions, using short-form video, quizzes and interactive content. Check out the newest learning journeys and past favourites your students will love right now - perfect for classwork/summer projects...

This season: Superheroes...



Superheroes Classroom Ideas

Simple, fun ways to extend the learning journey

Hear from our
producer, Charlie


What's coming next at Itza


Superheroes open to students


Whale Guardian Course open to students


Whale Guardian Course open to students


Teachers register school for Wild Wisdom Global Challenge


WWF Wild Wisdom Global Challenge open to students

The WWF Global Challenge 2023 is running from the 7th to 13th of October. Sign up your school now to take part in a global challenge that fosters independent learning and inspires an interest in fighting climate change. It's free!

Itza certified course

Your learners (10+) can become certified ‘Whale Guardians’ - sign up now to make sure you don't miss out on hours of core content, challenges and activities that will keep them curious all summer long.


Coming 25th July.

Whale Shark and Underwater Photographer

Become a Whale Guardian

Whale Shark

Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) is partnering with ITZA to create a digital learning resource that dives into the wonderful world of whales, empowering young people around to world to protect them.

Course available

from 25th July!


Learners become a ‘WDC Whale Guardian’ by completing four study badges tied to ocean conservation.



It is a thrill to be able to communicate the curriculum topics of ecosystems, biodiversity and evolution through this course. This will not only support what they study at school, but also inform them as global citizens of the future.

Karl Frearson, Eton College

Wild Wisdom Global Challenge 2022

After a highly successful pilot in 2021, which saw over 60,000 students take part across 52 countries and over 5,200 teachers register from 2,700 schools; WWF and Itza are launching the 2022 Wild Wisdom Challenge - an online global schools competition encouraging young people to learn about the natural world and the importance of biodiversity. The Challenge will focus on Big Cat species and the integral role they play within their ecosystems. 

10th to 21st October 2022


The resource is free to students and schools worldwide and will be delivered across all devices from 10th - 21st October 2022 with registration open from 1st September here on the Teacher Portal.

Itza Voices

Our team’s monthly take on inspiring research, lost lessons and neuroscience hacks to supercharge your practice.

Rebecca's podcast

Listen to Rebecca answer more burning questions from teachers and parents using educational neuroscience.

Teacher Spotlight

Every quarter, we ask one inspirational teacher three of our favourite questions. First up: Shirin Sheikh-Bahai, Primary science specialist and education consultant at Harris Federation, long-term Itza inspiration and member of our Editorial Board.

Save the date: 7th October
WWF Global Challenge 2023 

WWF Global Challenge 2023: Discover the wonder of birds and biodiversity

For the third year running, the WWF Global Challenge is back. Last year 24,172 learners from 85 countries took part, and we can’t wait for you and your students to join us for 2023!

When: October 7 - October 13

Where: Online at! The WWF Global Challenge is free to students and schools worldwide (delivered across all devices).

This year is all about birds. What makes a bird a bird. Students can learn about their unique biology and characteristics, habitats, migration, mating rituals and the impact of human activities on their survival. Your students will dive into the world of these living dinosaurs, discovering their incredible adaptations, survival strategies, and vital role in our ecosystems.

It’s easy for students to take part (meaning it’s easy for teachers too!). With just a few clicks, students can log in, create an account, and embark on their virtual adventure. 

From the polar ice caps to the lush tropical rainforests, students will engage with interactive maps, high-quality videos, quizzes, and games that deepen their understanding of these remarkable creatures and the importance of preserving biodiversity.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to inspire and educate your students. Sign up now for the WWF Global Challenge and be part of a worldwide movement to protect our planet.

Join Itza's inspiring community of global educators


Itza at EdTechX Summit 2022 

​Next month, Itza will be attending the annual EdTechX Summit, back for the first time since Covid, at London’s Tobacco Docks. We’re thrilled to be joining the world’s leading thinkers, teachers and technologists at the cutting edge of digital learning. Join us over the coming editions as we share exclusive insights from the event and our takes on what’s new and next.

Reinforcement learning: Not Just for AI

At Itza, we know all about the power of ‘reinforcement learning’ - but it’s just as powerful for humans as it is for machines. We help our learners develop deep knowledge through a scaffolded learning approach, which uses continuous positive reinforcement (through prizes and accreditation, like our Agent of Change badge, and our currency Yakka) to help them build confidence and take risks. We think it’s a winning formula that prepares students today for the world of work tomorrow. We loved McKinsey’s use of ‘reinforcement learning’ to train the AI that’s transforming everything from how they hire to how they design. 

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn

Benjamin Franklin

Editorial Board

The Fit Bit of learning

Learn and earn

We have our own digital currency.


Better than exams.
Learners set their own goals.

Digital workplace skills

We reward digital literacy, curiosity, persistence and creativity.


Attention Teachers:
Join the Future Cities project!

Encourage your students to submit their Future Cities Project and win a trip to Switzerland!

ITZA and the Villars Institute are teaming up to offer five Agents of Change a chance to attend the Villars Symposium in Switzerland. 

The Villars Institute is a non-profit foundation committed to accelerating the transition to a net zero and nature-positive economy through intergenerational collaboration and systems leadership. At the symposium, located in the Swiss Alps, young climate leaders will work with experienced professionals to learn valuable skills, tools, and techniques for driving rapid and effective systemic change.

The Institute will cover all travel and accommodation expenses for the three selected Agents of Change, who will be accompanied by a nominated teacher or ITZA staff member.

Machu Pichu

Individual prizes

Yakka rewards and experiences

Students can use the points they earn on ITZA to unlock a range of sustainable rewards and experiences, for free!

Agent of Change rewards

One lucky student will win an all-expenses-paid trip to Machu Picchu in Peru.

Students who submit their Future Cities Project can win an all-expenses-paid trip to the Villars Symposium for climate leaders in Switzerland.



7th -13th October 2023

Well Court

Sign up  for your school now to take part in a global challenge that fosters independent learning and inspires an interest in fighting climate change. It's free! 

Villars Future Fellows

Empower your students to create solutions to real-world problems.
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