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Join your students in their quest to protect the world

Teens are passionate about preserving the natural world. For them, tackling climate change is one of the defining issues of our time. However, there is not enough focus on sustainability in schools and information on news and social media is unclear and unbalanced.


Together with our partners, we are providing students with high-quality, balanced learning about the natural world and how to protect it. 


Our next challenge, the WWF Global Challenge, is designed just for 10 -16 year olds. It goes beyond providing information. With videos, quizzes and rewards, students learn, see there is hope and prepare to drive change.


WWF Global Challenge. 

This year is all about birds.

Your students will dive into the world of these living dinosaurs, discovering their incredible adaptations, survival strategies, and vital role in our ecosystems.


The WWF Global Challenge features over an hour of content. Students can explore, enjoy learning about birds on a platform designed just for them. All you need to do is help them get there!

7 October
Final quiz
13 October

How does the challenge work?

The WWF Global Challenge is a free online learning event for students all over the world, being held from 7th to 13th October 2023. Students can independently work their way through high-quality video content, activities and quizzes. The focus of the challenge will be birds.

Students can register on and explore our engaging content any time. 

Benefits for teachers:

  • Easy, fun, and engaging activities for students.

  • Rewards as students climb the leaderboard.

  • Support collaboration between students at home and at-school

  • Encourages curiosity and inspires environmental awareness.

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Go head-to-head with schools from around the world!

Students will compete on behalf of their school against peers from around the world.


The school and individual level, will be tracked in real-time on LIVE leaderboards, providing an exciting and interactive experience.

Get started!

To join the WWF Global Challenge, simply register for a school code by clicking on the “sign-up” button. 

Once your account is verified, an email with a school code will arrive. Share this unique school code with your students when the challenge begins.


Remind students to:

1. Create their own account at 

2. Enter the code

3. Share what they learn with classmates

Promote the challenge in your school

1. Download the posters

2. Write in your school code

3. Distribute around your school

4. Let the students start learning and earning


Easy, fun and rewarding learning

Set the WWF Global Challenge as a fun at-home activity to amplify what students are studying in class. OR pull it up during free time.

Features include: 

  • 30min classroom activity/introduction

  • Short-form videos 

  • On-demand quizzes

  • Interactive activities and projects

  • Earn badges and sustainable rewards


All resources are hosted on 

Your students can join ITZA anytime!

Make sure your students don’t miss out on our free learner membership which offers a continuous stream of new content, global challenges, live quizzes and more.

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