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  • How does an ITZA challenge work?
    An ITZA challenge runs on our online learning platform There are two different types of challenges: A School Challenge where learners complete learning journeys as a competition with schools and Learner Challenges where learners earn extra Yakka (ITZA's digital currency) and prizes. School Challenges have cohort, national leaderboards for points that can be converted into Yakka. These challenges are quiz focused and involve some learning linked to specific quizzes - the aim is to encourage a learner to spend at least 20 mins a week on the learning content. Learners have content released each day for 12 or 10 days with a standard format of daily quizzes. There are no leaderboards with the Learner Challenge but each quarter the Yakka earned by all participants is accumulated.
  • What is Yakka?
    Yakka is ITZA’s digital currency. Yakka rewards learners for: - Finding things out for themselves - Showing persistence - Exploring beyond - Expanding their knowledge - Testing themselves in interactive quizzes Students can spend their Yakka on WWF conservation initiatives, sustainably-made products and online vouchers and experiences.
  • How do students register?
    Students can sign-up and create a login for free on ITZA’s online learning platform Students under 13 will be asked to provide a guardian/ parent’s email address or you may choose to ask them to provide their teacher email instead. Students 13 or over will be asked to give their own email address.
  • How does my school register for an ITZA challenge?
    You can register your school for an ITZA challenge on Itza Inspire ( Follow the instructions and receive a school code to share with your students. Invite your students to create a login on the learning platform We will ask them to input their school code in a pop-up when the Challenge starts. There is no cost to entering a challenge. Please note that we issue only one school code per school so if more than one teacher registers from your school, you will receive the same school code.
  • Is our school and student data kept safe?
    We take your student’s safety very seriously. As part of protecting their identity, we ask each student to pick an anonymous display name during sign up. This is the display name that is seen by other users on leaderboards.
  • What do students have to do to take part in a challenge?
    During a challenge, students work online, independently. This can be at home or in class. We provide fantastically engaging content for them to learn from, and short quizzes to test what they know.
  • Different approaches for teachers
    If teachers wish to integrate challenge material into a programme of study, they can do so as part of a blended learning approach. Alternatively, a challenge can be set as an independent project with perhaps occasional sessions organised in form time, PSHE, Science, Geography or Eco club when discussions can take place about what is being learned.
  • How does the scoring work?
    Scoring criteria: challenge points are awarded in real time for: engaging in relevant challenge content completing quizzes School and individual progress can be tracked on leaderboards.
  • How can I check on my school’s progress?
    Once an ITZA challenge is underway, you can use your school code on ITZA Inspire ( to check on your school's progress in the challenge leaderboards.
  • Can anyone play?
    Challenges are open to students who enter as part of a school’s team or as individuals.
  • Which year groups are ITZA challenges open to?
    ITZA challenges are open to all students; ITZA content is aimed at ages 10 to 16.
  • How much does it cost to participate?
    Participation in ITZA challenges is absolutely FREE.
  • Can we download the digital content to use at school later?
    The digital content cannot be downloaded but it is available On Demand after the challenge ends.
  • Why can’t my students login on their devices?
    Ask your students to try logging in using a different device; there may be an issue with the browser or device being used. If the problem persists on different devices, contact our support team ( to check that the account is set up correctly.
  • Do teachers receive notifications when students sign up?
    No, but we suggest you ask your students to inform you directly of their anonymised username when they register so that they can be identified by you and you can keep a record of who has registered.
  • What domains need to be whitelisted by school IT departments?
    We use YouTube as a video player. To prevent videos being blocked, please add the following to the whitelist: For other ITZA videos and content, the following domains will need to be whitelisted: * * * * *
  • What technical support is there?
    We offer support for issues at during UK working hours.
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