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Birds teacher toolkit

Our sample content and teacher materials will help you support your student’s independent learning journey in the classroom. 

Don't forget to spread the word in your school with posters.


Feathers are what distinguish birds from any other creature on Earth… But what makes a sparrow a sparrow? A goose a goose? Or an owl an owl? All birds have the same features: feathers, beaks and legs. But these features are different depending on what the particular bird species needs to thrive.

Ideas for your classroom


"What makes a bird a bird?" and "Where do birds come from?"

Pose the question to the classroom, and then lead a discussion around that question, taking answers from the class.

Encouraged your students to explore the content individually, for about 15 minutes, and then come back to the group and refine their answers together.


Why do birds matter?

Break your class into various small groups and pose them different questions, then encourage them to share.

Students can discuss on tables & write down a list of reasons as to why, for example, they think birds are important. They should then be encouraged to engage with the content and modify answers and feedback to their group and then the whole class.

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