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Future Fellows

Empower your students to create solutions to real-world problems.

A global competition for students to develop ideas that contribute positively to the planet. The top five winners will attend the Villars Symposium for climate leaders in Switzerland, collaborating with leading experts to begin a lifelong development as systems leaders.

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About the project

Free competition, open to all students between ages 12-19

The top five students will attend the prestigious Villars Symposium in the Swiss Alps this June. All costs paid. 

Key dates for students ex UK:

Stage 1: Submit the first 2 canvases by April 18th.

Stage 2: Submit the final canvas by May 10th.

Approx. 4 hours student time, with minimal teacher time required

Supporting resources and expert mentorship provided on the ITZA platform

Key dates for UK students:

Stage 1: Submit the first 2 canvases by May 24th.

Stage 2: Submit the final canvas by June 7th.

Share with your class

Don’t forget to spread the word in your school. Preparation materials are already available and project submissions open on 1st April, so the earlier the better!

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