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Big Cats

Dive into the world of big cats - known as the Felidae family - a diverse group of 41 species that each play a vital role in ecosystems across the planet.

Unit outline

This isn't your typical textbook; it’s a journey into the natural world that brings students face-to-face with iconic apex predators, including lions, tigers, jaguars, pumas, and more.

Designed to supplement the science curriculum. Structured as an exploration of big cat species and their indispensable role in the wild.

Big Cats is free, filled with world-class video content and interactive quizzes - plus, it includes a teacher toolkit with group activities to bring the classroom to life.

Duration: 1-2 hours of independent learning

How well do you know your Big Cats? Take the teacher quiz.


Which big cat species is native to the Americas?


Cheetahs can reach speeds of up to:


Which big cat lacks the ability to roar?


Which big cat possesses the strongest bite?


  1. Diversity of the Felidae family

  2. Ecosystem interconnectedness and the role of apex predators

  3. Case study: Black panther

  4. Threats big cats face today

  5. Tracking tigers with conservation expert, Suyash Keshari

Learning outcomes

This unit goes beyond claws and classification. Let's break down what your students will learn:


Biodiversity and classification

  • Introduces biodiversity and organism classification, developing categorisation skills and understanding evolutionary relationships.

  • Enhances understanding of physiology and comparative anatomy through big cat species analysis.


Ecology and Adaptation

  • Explores Felidae habitats, gaining insights into ecological niches.

  • Examines variation within the Felidae family, revealing adaptive strategies for thriving.

  • Studies big cats as apex predators, emphasizing their role in ecosystems and the benefits of their protection.

Meet the Expert


Step into the wild with our resident tiger expert and conservationist, Suyash Keshari. Track tiger trails through the Indian jungle and find out how protecting big cats can preserve the wider natural world.

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Content includes a four-part audiobook series from ‘No Beast So Fierce’ by Dane Huckelbridge.

  • The deadliest animal of all time meets the world's most legendary hunter in a classic battle between man and the wild. This pulse-pounding tale also reveals how environmental destruction has upset the natural order, placing man, tiger, and nature on a collision course.

  • Duration: 12 mins


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