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Electric Revolution

Welcome to the exciting world of Extreme E. Discover the climate-conscious electric off-road series that promotes the understanding of electric vehicles.


​​How do electric cars work? And how are they helping us to combat climate change and transition to electric mobility?

Electric Revolution seeks to address these questions through high-quality video content, interactive activities and quizzes aimed at students aged 10-16.

It introduces students to the fascinating world of Extreme E as they will follow the racing drivers and engineers and the forefront of this transport revolution. Let them explore how the sports track is a driving force for innovations in transport technology.

Learning Outcomes

1. The concept of electrification

Students will learn how electric vehicles work and how they differ from combustion vehicles.

2. Environmental awareness

Students will recognise the environmental benefits and challenges of electrification and how it relates to air quality, emissions, climate change and the important transition away from fossil fuels and sustainability.

3. Real world application

The content will enable students to explore the real world application and benefits of electrification focusing on Extreme E, micro mobility and low traffic neighbourhoods.

How can my students access Electric Revolution?

Students can sign-up and create a login for free on ITZA’s online learning platform

Students under 13 will be asked to provide a guardian/ parent’s email address or you may choose to ask them to provide their teacher email instead.  Students 13 or over will be asked to give their own email address.

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